The Healer is You Training and Group Coaching Program

Experience the joy and freedom of vibrant health and high vitality by stepping into your creative power and becoming your own health guru
The best part is that you get to do it your way - no restrictions, no limits, no right way - only YOUR way. 


The Healer is You Program, that's how!

The Healer Is You is a celebration of your magnificent body, your amazing mind and your courageous and loving heart.  It's a festival of healing.  We'll do the work, and got through the messy parts but we'll also have FUN!



Experience the joy and freedom of vibrant health and high vitality by stepping into your creative power and becoming your own health guru

The best part is that you get to do it your way - no restrictions, no limits, no right way - only YOUR way.  

Who is this for? 

🤍If you've got any physical mental or emotional disease labels and want to create vibrant health and high vitality instead

💜If you've had enough of conflicting health advice that leaves you anxious, confused, and feeling like a failure 

🤍 If you are in remission from a chronic disease and want to optimise your health

💜If you're tired of hating your body and feeling as if you're being punished by your signs and symptoms

🤍If you're tired of the restrictive diets, punishing exercise, and expensive medication and supplements that don't get you the results you would love

💜If you're ready to uncover the unconscious sabotage programs that are making and keeping you sick

 🤍 If you are on a healing journey and want a holistic guide to help you discover your own inner health guru so that you can design your own health plan

💜 If you're tired of feeling alone on this healing journey and want to connect with like-minded people who get what you're going through

 🤍 If you want to learn how to regulate the anxiety and overwhelm that often accompany a diagnosis so that you can enjoy your life while healing

 💜If you're longing to connect to yourself to uncover what it is that you'd love to create in terms of your health and life

 🤍If you've got any physical mental or emotional disease labels and want to create vibrant health and high vitality instead

 🤍If you're longing to connect with your limitless spirit, awaken your intuition and live from your heart, creating the health and life you love

 💜If you want to be guided by someone with almost thirty years of experience working with people with various disease labels so that you can feel safe and supported while healing yourself...

Then this program is what you've been waiting for!

At the end of the six week program, you'll have uncovered the unconscious programs and stories that are making and keeping you sick, connected to your soul-inspired vision for the health you're creating, and you'l have all the tools you need as well as weeks of practice in applying them so that you can become your own healer. 

You can register and pay (R9500 or $500) by clicking this link:


Why Should You Listen To Me?

I'm Loretta Ferrucci (for those who don't know me) and I help translate the language of disease so that you can find meaning and connection through your signs and symptoms in order to heal yourself and experience the joy and freedom of optimal health and high vitality.

I have a knack for connecting the metaphysical (thoughts, emotions, beliefs, energy, and other woo hoo) with the physical (signs and symptoms in the body) in practical ways to help myself and others heal and embrace life fully!

My Story

My first experience of the mind-body connection (although I didn't know it) was when I experienced petit mal seizures at the age of around three. My parents took me to doctors and specialists who ran tests and investigations but could find nothing wrong. Yet, the seizures were happening. 

Finally, in desperation, my mother took me to a homeopath who 'diagnosed' an emotional sensitivity as a result of some dynamics in our family, treated me with homeopathic medicine and that was the last seizure I ever had.  

I eventually studied homeopathy and got my master's degree and then embarked on a 27-year career in full-time practice, treating everything from tonsilitis to tumours. 

My fascination with the mind-body-energy connection led me to study a number of energy modalities, including acupuncture and Jin Shin Jyutsu (a Japanese healing art) so while I was helping patients adopt healthier life-styles, take appropriate supplements and homeopathic medicine, I was also helping them balance their energy body and learning more about human behaviour.  

The true 'why' behind illness and healing has been a lifelong fascination.

When I'm not working with clients, teaching programs, writing, or running retreats, you'll find me at my favourite beach, walking or surfing, or at a pole fitness class - my latest obsession. 

My understanding of Western medicinecomplementary medicine, nutrition, counseling, and coaching allows me to offer a truly holistic approach to healing and best of all, you get to create your healing, YOUR way.  

No prescriptive diets (unless you want them), no long lists of expensive supplements, and no restrictive 'plan' except the one that I help you craft using your intuition and innate wisdom. After all, who knows you better than you do?

Learning how to connect to your innate, wise healer and take action based on what your intuition knows to be true for you, you can become your own healer!

My Credo

I believe that: 

Our purpose is to engage fully with life - all its joys and sorrows, the profound and the profane; 

Everyone has a heart that is longing to express what they love; 

Each of us is a powerful creator;

Healing is about connecting to, and experiencing what is in our hearts 

Anyone can heal regardless of external circumstances.

Get Ready for The Healer is You!

This program is your holistic solution to healing and experiencing the joy and freedom of vibrant health!

 The Healer is You is packed with:

  • ​Tools to uncover what is holding you back from healing so that you can break through and create the health you'd love
  • ​Exercises designed to discover what your body is trying to tell you through your disease so that you can discover how to course-correct
  • ​Practical tools to manage your energy and emotions so that you can build resilience and vitality
  • ​Experiential exercises to connect you to your creative genius and your intuition so that you can create your own health plan, your way!

Imagine this...

🤍 What would it be like knowing that you're on the path to healing and silencing all the confusion, anxiety and overwhelm around your symptoms? 

🤍 Imagine knowing exactly what to do (through your intuition) to create the health you'd love without restrictive diets, loads of expensive supplements, and treatments.

🤍 What would it be like if you had the energy and vitality to do the things you love?

🤍 What would it feel like to have a deep understanding, appreciation for, and connection to your body?

🤍 If you could find meaning in your symptoms and learn to interpret what your body is trying to tell you, what would that do for your peace of mind?

🤍 Imagine living a life that is aligned with your limitless spirit and what you'd love, rather than from your limitations and fears.  

🤍 Can you appreciate losing the weight of thinking you have to be a certain way (fix yourself) before you can heal?

🤍 Living a life of joy, meaning, and fulfillment.  

🤍Sharing this journey with women who are creating their health and vitality too and are there to support you and be supported by you

🤍 Knowing that as you heal yourself, you help to heal the world


What Others Have Said About The Training

💫"My sore right hip socket pain has definitely eased into near non-existence and my left ball of the foot pain is 70% better. Not having refined sugar like I used to also eased the arthritis pain in my fingers. (Ute chose to cut sugar out of her diet without any prompting from me)

It is always good to have some group support just to keep things in flow. How easy is it (for me) to just fall back into the comfortable known?  A group somehow gives these exercises more accountability, checking in for regular feedback helps with motivating me to take the steps. "  Ute


💫"It gave me an opportunity to focus just on myself. To take the time and put in the effort for me. 

It was a gift to me. I wanted to participate and reset parts of my life and have the chance to share the experience with other like-minded souls.  The fast was amazing for me, it is three weeks later and I still feel my body being grateful. The whole experience felt nurturing to me.   I had stiffness in my joints and aching in my legs and feet as well as bloated and swollen fingers. By the second day of the fast, I felt the tightening lifting." Penny


I decided to do healer, is you after having previously completed another of Loretta‘s courses. I needed help with my long Covid. I have already felt an improvement and I’m confident that this will continue. Loretta helped me see beyond my current situation and work out what it is. I’d truly love to create. Madi


💫"I think the whole program was amazing but for me personally the fast and all that went with it was astounding. It was exactly the bridge/reset that I needed. I experienced many benefits which I did outline in my videos. Exceeded expectations. You are the most extraordinary facilitator in so many ways." Antoinette


If you're not ready to commit to a six-week program, you can opt to do only the training so you can create what you would love in any area of life!  The cost of the training only is R1900 or $100.

Details of the Training

Module 1

How we create so that we can heal

The Rules Of Magic that help us heal 

Connecting to our limitless spirit or Higher Self to find what we'd love

Principles of Healing

Connecting To Our Body to get feedback on what our signs and symptoms mean

Your Energy Body and How To Heal It so that your physical body (mind and emotions too) can be harmonised


Module 2


Increasing resilience by regulating emotions safely

The Cage that keeps us trapped and prevents our healing

How to find the limiting beliefs that are preventing healing

How to shift our focus from fear and disease to love and healing

A simple daily practice to create the health you'd love


Where, When and How Much?

Training Only 

When:  15 and 16 May 2024 from 18h00-21h00 (Central African Time)


Where:  Zoom


Cost:  R1900 ($100)

Register here for the training only:


Full Program:  


Sessions:  Mondays and Thursdays from 20 May - 27 June 2024 @18h00 (Central African Time)

Where: Zoom

Cost:  R9500 or $500 (includes the cost of the training)


Register here for the full program:



P.S.  If you register for the training only and once it's done, decide you want to join the group program, the cost of the training is deducted from the R9500 cost of the full program so you won't be penalised in any way.