Jin Shin Jyutsu - The Art of the Creator through Compassionate and Knowing Man

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Would you like to learn a beautiful art that can help boost your immune system, improve your overall health, help you deal with charged emotions and improve the health of your energy body and best of all, do it for yourself?

Never has it been more obvious how fragile we humans are. Covid 19 has made us aware of how important it is to have good immune health; how co-morbidities can compromise overall health; how easily we can become anxious and fearful and how little control we really have.

We can eat the right food, sit in the sun and manage our stress but the true secret to resilience lies in our energy body.

If you want better physical health, more mental clarity, emotional stability and a a self empowering tool that enables you to replenish your energy from the abundant universal source, then the Jin Shin Jyutsu Self Help Program is for you.  

Sadhguru says that when you master your physical body, you control 10-20% of your destiny; when you master you mind, you control 50-60% of your destiny but when you master your energy, you control 100% of your destiny.

Jin Shin Jyutsu is a traditional physio-philosophy of life that is relfected by the energy pathways in the body.

It literally means, The Art of the Creator Through Compassionate and Knowing Man.

It is the Creator’s gift to anyone who know where to put their hands and cares enough to do so.

The beauty of this art is that we can apply it to ourselves. In this way, we become the healer at the same time as the one who needs to be healed.

How empowering is that!

Most of us have no idea that we even have an energy body, let alone how to work on it.

Jin Shin Jyutsu gives us the knowledge and the tools.

In Jin Shin Jyutsu there are twenty six areas on each side of the body where enegy can become dammed or blocked. These are called Safety Energy Locks because they ‘lock’ when the energy isn’t flowing harmonious. This give rise to symptoms which in turn calls our attention to them. They’re like switches that cause an overloaded circuit to break.

Our hands are like jumper cables and when we place our jumper cables on our safety energy locks, we ‘wake’ them up again and bring harmony to our whole being.

During this program you will learn the location and meaning of each Safety Energy Locks and how to use them; the six daily maintenance flows; the energetic relationship between the fingers and toes and the eight healing mudras.

This is a truly beautiful gift to give yourself.

This is what some previous participant have to say about the program:  

'I experienced this course as giving me the tools to live a “boundless” life, the “perfect realization of the eternal splendor of limitless life”. That I find profound!!!! Learning about the creative orientation, the Creator art, to be the “jumper cable”, to focus on my reality, discovering “perpetual everlasting and eternal consciousness” has indeed been a privilege beyond and above all my expectations. Thank you. This course in invaluable!!!!! I just loved the course!!!'

Sharon Salmon

'The JSJ program was great. I really enjoyed learning the the safety energy locks & flows. I’m looking forward to making this a part of my everyday. Loretta you are always amazing & full of fun, Thank you for sharing this art with us.'

Leigh Hope

The program usually runs over two full days but I’m presenting it as follows because I’ve found this allows attendees to integrate better and not become overwhelmed.

When is it happening?

Tuesday 2 March 2021 - from 18h00(CAT) to 21h00 (CAT)t

Thursday 4 March 2021 - from 17h00 (CAT) to 20h00 (CAT)h

Tuesday 9 March 2021 - from 18h00 (CAT) to 21h00

Thursday 11 March 2021 - from 17h00 (CAT) to 20h00 (CAT)

Where is it happening?


I realised the other day that if I could only keep one modality that I've learnt in the twenty five years I've been working with patients as a homeopath and if I only had one program that I could teach, Jin Shin Jyutsu Self Help would be the one!

If this program resonates with you sign up by clicking this link:


Once you've signed up you need to buy a set of manual from Jin Shin Jyutsu headquarters in the USA.  They have the manual in digital format.  There are three manuals and the cost of the bundle is $32.  Once you register, I'll send you an email with all the details of how to purchase and download your manuals.