Whole Body Reset


Fall in love with your body, supercharge your health and repair your relationship with food

  • without ever having to go on a diet again!

 From the desk of Loretta Ferrucci, owner of Your Ideal Body

Dear Lovely Person Reading This 

If you’re tired of hating your body, trying to punish yourself into shape with restrictive diets only to fail and hate yourself more. If you’re ready to access your creative genius so you can accept yourself and nourish yourself to health and freedom, then I have an invitation for you.


I created the Whole Body Reset program to help you create body-love, health and freedom and the next group program is kicking off on 31 May 2023. 


If you want to know if Whole Body Reset is for you, continue reading…


We’ve become used to hearing we can have it all but most of us have become jaded because the evidence in our life doesn’t support that.  We believe we can only have what’s left over, (if there’s anything left over) once we’ve taken care of everyone else and sometimes, we don’t even believe we deserve those scraps. 


Tired of hearing yet again, that you’re a queen when you feel more like a slave? 


😔A slave to what others expect you to look, sound, and be like in order to be seen and accepted?


😔A slave to believing that you only have value when you’re being of service to others.


😔A slave to pleasing those around you, keeping the peace and making sure everyone else has their needs met rather than meeting your own needs.


I see you.  I’ve spent most of my life trying to ‘improve or fix’ myself. 


When I was too overwhelmed to change something in my outer or inner world that was making me unhappy, I’d resort to trying to ‘fix’ my body; to make it thinner, fitter, stronger or whatever I thought was necessary to ‘look’ better. 


I’ve dieted, detoxed, fasted, and exercised like a madwoman under the guise of health but in truth, most of that was to look more like I believed my family and society needed me to look.


It took me forty years to realise that what I longed for wasn’t to be thinner, sexier, or more beautiful.  I longed for a deep connection to myself.  A connection that wasn’t possible until I could accept my body as part of myself – not less than my mind or emotions – but an intrinsic part of who I am.


Trying to obtain that connection from the outside – changing the appearance of my body - was doomed to failure as evidenced by the fact that fewer than 1% of people who lose a significant amount of weight manage to keep the weight off for more than two years and I’ve been part of that statistic more than I care to admit. 


Restrictive dieting and yo-yo weight loss and gain only made me hate my body (and so myself), more. 


Indulge me for a moment...


Think of the person you love most in the world.  Now imagine telling that person that you can’t love them unless they look a certain way.  You can’t love them unless their body is a certain size and shape.  Would you do that to them? 


I don’t think you would.  So why then, do you do that to yourself?


It’s time for us to stop falling for the bullshit of our consumerist society and the weight loss industry that makes us measure our worth by the way we look. 


I don’t know about you, but I love a great love story.  I want to believe that love and connection are real.  I do believe that they're real. 


Can you remember falling in love?  Meeting someone for the first time and feeling that pull of attraction?  The excitement, the anxiety of wanting to create a good impression, of wanting them to like you?  Do you remember getting to know them over time and discovering things about them that you couldn’t have imagined?  Do you remember forming a deepening connection, a sense of familiarity and trust, until you got to a place where you realized that you loved that person?


Imagine if you could do that with yourself.  Imagine you could set aside all your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, assumptions, and expectations about yourself.  You could clear the slate of all the conditions you impose on yourself.  You didn’t have any guilt about what you have or have not done. 


Imagine getting to know you, the real you, in all your magnificent radiance.🌈


Sound impossible? 


It’s definitely possible and I’m living proof. 


It is my wish that you could see yourself as I see you when I rise above my thoughts, feelings, beliefs, assumptions and expectations of you.  When I see you, from my limitless spirit, in your naked authenticity as a radiantly beautiful being, longing to express yourself fully in the world.


You are a limitless, powerful creator who can create whatever she would love.👑 


Imagine getting to know the real you in all your magnificent radiance.


Sound impossible? 


I know it’s possible and so do the women who have participated in Whole Body Reset before. 




I’ve wanted what I believe, many of us want: 


✅To feel empowered, more certain of my purpose and value

✅To believe that my needs matter and to meet those needs without guilt or shame

✅To create time and space for myself to ‘be’ and not to feel that I only have value when I’m ‘doing’

✅To connect to, hear and express my inner voice

✅To witness others and to be seen for who I am

✅To have an open heart and experience all of life’s magnificence – the joy and the pain

✅To trust and accept my beautiful body

✅To see myself as beautiful

✅To connect to that all-wise part of me and to hear and act on, the nudges from my intuition


I don’t want to be told that I’m a queen, I want to experience myself as the queen of my own life.👑


I want to know I’m not alone but that I can be alone when necessary because I’m always connected to myself.


If you’re tired of hating your body, trying to punish yourself into shape with restrictive diets only to fail and hate yourself more and if you’re ready to access your creative genius so you can accept yourself and nourish yourself to health and freedom, then I have an invitation for you.


I created the Whole Body Reset program to help you create body-love, health and freedom and the next group program is kicking off on 31 May 2023. 


I’m looking for ten brave women who are ready to nourish themselves to health without restriction; who are ready to discover their own way to vitality; who are ready to connect to their own creative genius and create the body and health they’d love. 


I’m looking for women who are ready. 


Exactly What You’re Getting 

First of all, this is different from any other ‘diet, health or nutrition’ program you’ve ever invested in.  We’re not going to focus on the fat or whatever it is you would like to change.  We’re going to focus on the health and beauty you would love to create and we’re going to do that by connecting to your limitless spirit.

We’re going to make a choice for your overall health and beauty from the all-knowing, wise part of you.  We’re also going to make a choice for what end result you’d love from this program. 

I’ll teach you how to make weekly and daily choices that are in alignment with what your spirit would love for you to create in terms of your health and beauty. 

For four weeks, I’m going to guide you through the weekly and daily processes so that by the end of this program, you’ll know exactly how to create your health and beauty your way. 

When you sign up, I’ll send you the pre-course material you can work through to familiarise yourself with some of the concepts so that we can jump right in! 

There will be videos, pdf’s and exercises for you to do in order to get you aligned and ready to take action!

And it’s easy to do because I’ll be with you every step of the way. 

Yes, we will be cleaning up our lifestyles during the first few weeks but more importantly, we will be exploring deeply;

  • why we treat ourselves badly
  • why we can't sustain healthy habits
  • what limiting beliefs we have about ourselves that keep on playing out
  • and so much more. 

This will prepare us to enter into a week of therapeutic fasting where we will come face to face with:

  • our fears about not eating
  • our emotional attachment to food
  • what we truly hunger for and keep on covering up

This is not for the faint-hearted but I know that within each of us resides a brave warrior.  We're quick to access that warrior in defense of others but I want us to learn how to access him/her in defense of our vulnerable selves. 

Once we've uncovered what's holding us back, when we've met ourselves at our most vulnerable and nourished ourselves through the process, we'll emerge

  • stronger
  • more resilient
  • connected to our wise selves

Then, my friends, we'll be equipped to design and create the lifestyle that's perfect for us.  Where nothing is taboo and where we approach ourselves with loving awareness. 

You’ll have two ninety-minute sessions each week for sharing, asking questions and training.

You’ll also get a free copy of my Ebook – Ditch Diets for Good which serves as a manual and workbook for the program. 

And, This Program is About MORE Than Just Creating Your Radiant Beauty and Vibrant Health

What you get in this program can be applied effectively to any area of your life!

Just like my client Maya who had unexpected spiritual benefits from applying the tools and techniques she learn in Whole Body Reset. 

Here’s what she had to say, “This program has certainly added value to my spiritual journey, my discovery of self.  I’d recommend this to anyone who is willing to make a change in their life in general." Maya Kooverjee

Shari found the program expanded her consciousness and taught her a lot about universal law and human behaviour. 

"This program has taught me to nourish and look after myself both physically, emotionally and spiritually.  I’m still learning to love myself and see my own self-worth.  This program definitely provides the tools.  This program is one I would definitely recommend as it deals with so much and explains a lot of the whole make-up of our being.  It deals with all issues in one’s life.  It brings about consciousness and awareness of one’s life and of the Universe at large."  Shari Salmon

 Gillian managed to connect to her intuition which she wasn’t expecting.

"It (Whole Body Reset program) met my desires for connection with my body and ultimately my intuition better.  I learned about understanding emotions and connecting with feelings that hide behind habits.  I learned about a whole new layer of myself." Gillian Viljoen

Here is exactly how things will run


We start with two training modules:


Wednesday 31 May 2023 17h30 – 21h30

Thursday 1 June 2023:  17h30-21h30


What You’ll Get In These Two Days


😎These two days will teach you how to recognize what has stopped you from creating your ideal body in the past as well as how to access your limitless spirit’s vision for your optimal health and ideal body. 


😎We’ll be making spirit-led choices for what you want to create during Whole Body Reset and beyond so that you can reach your short-, medium- and long-term goals.  


😎I’ll teach you how to feel your feelings rather than suppressing or denying them so that you can open your heart to yourself as well as to others and the world, deepen your relationship with yourself, heal from past trauma and connect more deeply with those you love. 


😎I’ll introduce you to a new way of looking at food and making choices that suit you without feeling deprived or restricted.


😎You’ll learn how to regulate your nervous system energetically so that you can sleep better, have more energy, have more mastery over your thoughts and manage your emotions more effectively. 


The Next Four Weeks


✅After these two days, we will spend four weeks together learning how to apply our creative genius and formulate our own best strategy for creating the body and health we would love.


✅Each week will include two in-person group sessions with me where you’ll have a chance to share your wins, what you’ve learned and your struggles.  These sessions will also include training that will allow you to make the processes that you learn, part of your daily life and deepen your ability to access and be guided by your intuition. 


✅During the program’s third week, we’ll embark on a seven-day therapeutic fast together.  All the work we do in the preceding weeks will prepare us to connect to our bodies and spirits through fasting.


This part may seem very daunting to some, but I promise you with the support of the wonderful tools you’ll have as well as the energy of everyone in the group, you’ll get through it to reap the benefits of glowing skin, shining hair, more energy and a renewed zest for life. 


✅Our final week will tie everything we’ve learned together and I’ll show you how you can take this process and make it part of your life. 


Here’s What To Do Next

If you’re ready to step into your power to create the health and freedom you crave without ever having to go on a diet again, then click the link below to book your spot in the Whole Body Reset program starting Wednesday 31 May 2023.


As soon as you book your spot you’ll receive a special email with your access details as well as the link to a special secret bonus which you will be able to access immediately.

 Oh, and in case you’re wondering…

Yes, This WILL Work For You Too!

Uncovering your unconscious limiting beliefs, finding what you’d love and connecting to that via your intuition is something that anyone can learn, regardless of age, experience or education.

That’s because the tools are practical and easy to learn and MOSTLY because you’re going to learn how to work on your energy body with easy energy techniques, something no-one else teaches in this way. 

Your energy body holds the blueprint for your physical body, your thoughts and emotions.  Balancing your energy body daily, strengthens the foundation of who you are, making your stronger, more resilient and powerful.

Right about now you might be thinking “This sounds too good to be true” but rest assured…

There Is No Catch

I would love for you to join Whole Body Reset to create the health and beauty you would love and to put an end to the frustration and self-loathing you’ve been feeling. 

My hope is that you’ll love this program, get amazing results and even chose to work with me 1:1 to get even better results

But will all that said, there’s ONE thing to keep in mind:

Places Are Limited

I’m only opening 10 slots for this program and I’m offering this program at the special price of $497. 

I know it is worth much more but I want as many people to be able to access this as possible.   

If you're ready to claim your spot, click the link below: 


 Full Money Back Guarantee

 I 100% Guarantee you’ll love this program or I’ll return all your money and you get to keep the book and materials you have.  (money back guarantee is valid for 7 days from the start of the program)

That’s correct.  If you’re unhappy for any reason, you don’t even have to send anything back.  Just email me and I’ll refund your money with no questions asked.

How’s that for fair?

I appreciate you taking the time to read through this letter

Yours in vibrant health


P.S. Just in case you’re like me and skipped to the end of the letter, here’s the deal:                                                                              

Whole Body Reset is for any woman who is ready to step into her creative power, connect to her creative genius and create the radiant beauty and vibrant health she would love. 

All without EVER having to go on a restrictive diet again; enjoying her favourite foods and becoming her own health guru.     

There is no “catch’ to this offer and “Yes!” it will work for you too no matter how frustrated you are with your body right now. 

In fact, if you don’t like the program, let me know  (within 7 days of the start of the program) and I’ll refund the $497 immediately.  You don’t even need to send the bonus materials back. 

Click here to book your seat now.  You won’t regret it. 



When is it happening?


31 May 2023 and 1 June 2023 from 17h30-21h30




Biweekly 90-minute group coaching sessions: 


Week 1:


Tuesday 6 June 2023 @18h00

Thursday 8 June 2023 @18h00


Week 2: 


Monday 12 June 2023 @ 18h00

Thursday 15 June 2023 @ 18h00


Week 3: 


Monday 19 June 2023 @ 18h00

Thursday 22 June 2023 @ 18h00


Week 4: 

Monday 26 June 2023 @18h00

Thursday 22 June 2023 @18h00


Where:  Zoom


Price:  $497 (R9100)


Click the link to register now or mail me:  loretta@lorettaferrucci.co.za or WhatsApp: 0828502335 if you have any questions.