The Healer Is You Online Group Coaching Program

The Healer Is You Online Group Coaching Program

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 Experience the joy and freedom of high vitality and optional health by stepping into your creative power and becoming your own health guru.

The best part is that you get to do it your way - no restrictions, no limits, no right way - only YOUR way.  

The Healer Is You is a celebration of your magnificent body, your amazing mind and your courageous and loving heart.  

This program is a festival of healing.  We will do the work, go through the messy parts but we'll also have some FUN doing it.  Healing doesn't have to be so serious my friends.  

If you're sick and tired of doing all 'the right things' and not getting the healing you would love or of all the conflicting advice on what you should do to heal and you're ready to take a deep dive into meeting your core desires as well as uncovering the unconscious sabotaging programs that are keeping you stuck, this program is for you. 

See you on the inside. 

Cost:  R9500 ($500)