Radical Healing Immersion - in person, full-day program

Experience the healing power that resides within you. 

  • If you've been told that the disease you have cannot be cured and you have to learn to live with it
  • If you're frustrated with managing your chronic disease conventionally with poor results
  • You've tried alternative healing for your chronic disease and that hasn't worked either
  • If you're overwhelmed by contradictory health advice which is making you more uncertain and fearful and don't know where to turn next
  • If you're saying your affirmations, meditating, doing yoga and aligning yourself with the Law of Attraction and none of that seems to be working either
  • If you're ready to find a new way of understanding disease and learning how you can heal yourself...

I have something for you!

The Radical Healing Immersion will help you uncover what has caused your disease and give you a clear roadmap to follow so that you can create vibrant health, without restrictive diets, suppressive medication or expensive supplements and live the life you love! 

I will help to demystify disease and introduce you to the magic of healing far beyond the use of affirmations, the law of attraction, positive thinking and a lot of the mumbo jumbo that passes for 'healing'. 

I'll show you how you can nourish yourself to health rather than struggling to fix yourself, fighting your body and the disease.  You can relax into healing rather than struggling, giving your more energy to do what you love. 

You'll develop the confidence of knowing that you can heal, no matter how hopeless or scared you are right now.  

What Others Have Said

"Even though I thought I was on the right road to managing my health and symptoms by doing all the right things I wasn't getting any better and in fact, other symptoms starting popping up and I felt totally disconnected from myself. 

After working with Loretta, I feel like I am glowing in spite of my chronic disease label. 

In my second or third week of working with Loretta, I had to have blood tests done and they showed that my adrenals had started producing cortisol again which led to my doctor reducing my medication by half.  

After three months, I'm loving me...some days I feel more confident than others but I am learning to accept all parts of me and surprisingly that gives me more confidence.

My client who has Addison's disease (a disease where the adrenal glands stop producing cortisol and deemed to be incurable)

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We'll be shifting stuck energy and long suppressed emotions, uncovering our unconscious limiting beliefs, healing our inner child wounds, connecting to our inner body wisdom and much, much more.   

Join me as we bust through the myths around creation and healing and unleash the power of your creative spirit.  The power that resides in each of us. 

Who Am I And Why Should You Listen To Me? 

After almost 30 years in the complementary health and personal development industry, I've learned what works and what doesn't.  I've learned that each person's journey is unique; that healing is possible for everyone; that there are no magic bullets that are going to miraculously turn things around and that no-one else can do the healing for you.  

Where do we even start?

✅ Let's release the weight of pretending, of lying to ourselves, of having to be positive and 'good'.  

✅ Let's free ourselves from the pressure trap of constantly having to fix ourselves, to improve, to be better.  

✅ Let's stop trying to be 'good' and feeling ashamed and guilty when we're 'bad' while waiting for the Universe/God to punish or reward us.  

✅ Let's give ourselves permission to rest in the sanctuary of the self - our true essence and let's learn to connect to our true vision for health.  

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During this program you will learn:  

💕The truth around how we create vibrant health, without all the confusion around what to eat, how to move and what to think so that you create a health plan that suits your unique needs

💕To connect to the essence of who you are so that you can know that you're not broken and don't need fixing (when I really got this, it felt as if I'd lost 20kg)

💕How to uncover the limiting beliefs that keep on sabotaging you and holding you back from creating the vibrant health and life you'd love

💕How to feel your emotions and use your body to allow them to flow rather than to damn up and create more illness

💕That there is no 'right' way to heal, only your way

💕How to connect with your limitless spirit and access your intuition so that you can become your own healer.  

💕How to work on your energy body to clear any blocks that have made you sick and are keeping you sick


You will be held in a safe container and supported by the other members of the group and know what it is like to be part of a community of like-minded people.

Imagine being able to appreciate your body as the amazing self-healing vehicle that it is and learning how you can turn the trauma of disease into the triumph of healing?

If this is something you would love to do, then this program is the place to start.  

Will you be healed after one day?  

No but you will be empowered with confidence and clarity on how to move forward on your healing journey so that you can have the joy and freedom of living your best life!

I'm really excited about this program and am looking forward to facilitating it and co-creating a beautiful, healing experience with you.  

When:  Saturday, 8 June 2024 from 08h30-16h30

Where:  Centre for Photography and Light, 8 Kent Road, Vincent

Cost:  R2300 (includes recordings, pdf's as well as tea and a vegan lunch) 

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