Simply Healing Masterclass Series Full Payment

Simply Healing Masterclass Series Full Payment

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A monthly masterclass exploring various aspects of understanding the true causes of disease and how we can heal, while also providing a supportive, caring community to combat the problems of loneliness and isolation so often encountered by those who are ill.    

If you want to heal from your disease, together with people just like you who share the same frustrations, fears and concerns then the Simply Healing Masterclasses are a great place to start.  

Join me as we journey through 2024 in a way that reconnects us to ourselves and our wholeness while healing our body, mind and spirit.  


24 January 2024:  Healing with body wisdom

21 February 2024:  Heal the mind, heal the body

20 March 2024:  Are your relationships making your sick?

24 April 2024:  Energy Anatomy - your blueprint to health

22 May 2024:  Emotions:  Kill  or cure?

19 June 2024:  Healing your inner child

17 July 2024:  Being yourself in a world that wants you to conform

21 August 2024:  The hidden blessing in disease

18 September 2024:  You aren't broken - there's nothing to fix

23 October 2024:  The relationship your life depends on

20 November 2024:  Connecting to your genius

18 December 2024:  The next level of healing