Step Into Your Radiance


The holistic answer to longevity, soul-alignment and unleashing your powerful creator.  

Dear (lovely person who has landed on this page)

If you're tired of the conventional health advice that leaves you frustrated and no further with your health goals, I've got something special for you.  

This could be the most important 90 minutes investment of your life.  

But First, A Warning:

1️⃣ If you're looking for a quick-fix detox plan...

2️⃣ If you're not serious about up-leveling your life...

3️⃣ If you're not willing to look beyond your physical body for answers...

This program is not for you.

This short program isn't about a diet or a detox or a cleanse - although those can be very useful.  

This program is to help you understand how vital it is to manage the energetic health of your body and how, by optimizing the health of your liver, you can transform your life.  

This program is going to give you a holistic overview of the energetics of your liver, its relationship with the other organs and what you can do right away to make a difference in your physical, mental and emotional health.  It is going to introduce you to the tools that awaken you to your creative power so that you can live a radiant life!   

If these methods have worked for me and my clients they can work for you. 

You don’t need any special gifts, talents, education or anything else in order to apply the tools in this program. 

Exactly What You’re Getting 

During the 90-minute online program, I'm going to explain the energetics of your liver and the relationship between the organ system in your body.  I'm going to give you tools and techniques that you can apply immediately and provide a foundation for you to create the health and life you'd love.  

The program will be divided into three sections:

Section 1:  What your liver truly does for you - way beyond what conventional medicine can reveal.  The energetics of your liver and other major organs and the relationships between them.

Section 2:  How to identify the limiting beliefs holding you back from creating the health you'd love and how to access your intuition to make soul-inspired choices.

Section 3: Practical steps that you can take to improve your liver and your life right now!

I spent a lot of time in the early years of my practice focussing on nutrition, homeopathy medication and supplementation for myself and my patients.  

I studied acupuncture and used the energetic relationships between organs to help me work out what was truly going on with my patients, especially those who had had all the usual investigations and were told they were fine, despite having symptoms. 

I became more and more intrigued by the energetic system of the body and how our thoughts, emotions, relationships, stress and lifestyle impact this system and now I'd love to share this knowledge with you.     

If you're ready to take your healing to the next level, then this program is a great place to start. 

Where:  Zoom

When:  Wednesday 25 January 2023

Cost:  R395

What to do next?

Click on the link below which will take you to the checkout.  Once you've paid for the program you will be automatically registered and I'll send you a mail with the Zoom link.