Rocking Relationships - Even If You Think You Suck At Them!


If you’re looking to create a relationship/partner bond that is connected, intimate and supportive without spending hours in couples therapy…this is the most important program you will ever sign up for.

But First, A Warning:

If you’re looking to blame your relationship on the other person… 

If you’re unwilling to take responsibility for 50% of the health of your relationship…

If you’re not interested in facing your fears and limitations…

If you’re not prepared to accept that the way you treat yourself is the way you allow others to treat you…

This program is not for you.

This program isn’t going to allow you to change anyone, it isn’t going to get you to imagine your perfect partner and then raise your vibration until you find your perfect match and it’s not necessarily going to lead to ‘happily ever after’ (although that’s always a possibility). 

This program is going to give you the exact methods I’ve used to have a connected, intimate and deeply fulfilling relationship with my husband for the past thirty years (he’s been my husband for 24 of those). 

These tools have helped my 1:1 clients develop intimate relationships with themselves and their partners, paving the way for them to create connection in many areas of their lives. 

If these methods have worked for me and my clients, they can work for you!

You don’t need any special gifts, talents, education or anything else in order to apply the tools you’ll learn in this program. 

If you’re willing to take action and responsibility for what you can change, you will be able to apply the tools in this program to understand what makes humans tick and in doing so create connection and intimacy with yourself and others. 

So with that said, let me show you…

Exactly What You’re Getting

First of all, this program is designed to teach you how to step into your power in order to become a powerful creator of what you’d love.  I jump in straight away by detailing how we can create anything and how to clear what stands in our way… no fluff or filler. 

This program explains human behaviour and relationship dynamics clearly and concisely and gives you practical, actionable steps that you can implement right away to create your dream relationship. 

Two 90 minute Zoom sessions, jam packed with information, tools and techniques, access to the recordings and of course, a workbook will give you what you need to know in order to get started. 

And, This Program is About MORE Thank Just Relationships

The tools and techniques you will learn in this program can be applied to any area of life. 

Also, since human behaviour is intrinsic to all our relationships, you’ll not only learn how to rock your personal relationships but also those with your colleagues, clients and children – all humans in general. 

The added bonus is that you’ll understand yourself so much better and have the opportunity to connect more deeply with yourself, enhancing your confidence and self-esteem and who couldn’t do with more of that!

So as you can see being empowered within a relationship is just the beginning. 

Here’s a fraction of what you’re getting…

✅ How to stop waiting to ‘attract’ things and learn to create what you’d love instead

✅ Uncover the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from loving yourself, your partner and your relationship

✅ Why attitude doesn’t matter and why FOCUS does!

 ✅ How to access your soul inspired choice for your relationship, using your intuition 

✅ The three main reasons why relationships fail and how to overcome them

✅ The four keys to relationship success

✅ Why the Law of Attraction doesn’t work

 ✅ How radical responsibility can change your life

✅ How to start healing your emotional wounds without hours of therapy

✅.   Learn how to communicate clearly so that you’re not misunderstood

✅   How to master resolving conflict without screaming and shouting

✅   The keys to resolving inner conflict, without having to sacrifice yourself for others

You’re right…this is a powerful toolkit of methods, tactics and tools. And it’s really just the tip of the iceberg. 

That best part is that this approach is…

Specifically Designed For People Who Long For a Committed, Supportive Relationship Where There Is Mutual Respect and Love Without Having To Sacrifice Who You Are

During more than twenty five years in private practice as a homeopath and three years working as a health and wellness coach, I’ve noticed just how much the health of my patient’s and client’s relationships directly impact their health, vitality and happiness. 

I’ve been a student of human behaviour for more than fifteen years now and I’m always blown away by how little most of us actually understand human behaviour. 

Even fewer of us understand how to create what we’d love and instead we settle for what we have, repeating the same old cycles of behaviour over and over. 

We avoid conflict, suppress our needs and fail to be honest with our partners and then wonder why our relationships suffer. 

I’ve been fortunate enough to apply the knowledge I have of human behaviour in my own marriage and I’m happy to say that so far so good.  Thirty years together and twenty four years of marriage later and we can both honestly say that our relationship continues to grow and blossom. 

 (This doesn’t mean that we don’t want to kill one another from time to time but luckily we sort things out before it gets dangerous!)

 When you start getting a handle on what makes you and your partner (or prospective partner) tick, your confidence to handle conflict as it arises will increase;  you’ll become clear about what you need in order to stay true to yourself and how you can best support your partner, without enabling them. 

This confidence and understanding will spill over into all your other relationships as well. 

Best of all, you will start repairing the relationship you have with yourself. 

 You’re the most vulnerable person in your life.  Others can get away from you but you cannot!  Learning to love and accept yourself without having to ‘fix’ anything is a priceless gift!

Here’s What To Do Next

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Yes, This WILL Work For You Too!

Stepping into your creative power and creating a beautiful partner bond is something that anyone can learn to do, regardless of age, experience or education. 

 If you’ve got a bad track record with relationships, that’s okay.  That’s not because you’re bad or haven’t met ‘the one’ yet.  It’s merely that you don’t understand how your focus has been creating your reality all along, giving you more of the same old situations that affirm what you believe about yourself – not good enough, worthy, invisible, powerless and so on…

I know this will work for you because the tools are practical, and easy to learn and with practice can turn you into the creator you were born to be. 

Right about now, you might be thinking, “this sounds too good to be true” but rest assured…

There Is No Catch

 This entire live four hour program with workbook  and recordings is yours for only $100 (R1780) so you can start implementing the strategies that can help you deepen the relationship you already have or create the relationships that you’d love. 

 My hope is that you’ll love it and get amazing results, and maybe even join one of my coaching courses in the future. 

 But with all that said, there’s ONE thing to keep in mind: 

 This Is A One-Time Only Offer

 This mini program is part of a test that I’m running in order to expand the program into an 8 week online group coaching program and because of that, I’m offering it at a reduced price.

I’ve packed as much value as possible in to this program and am hoping you’ll love it and do more coaching with me down the road. 

I’m betting that you’ll love this mini program so much that you’ll be reaching out to me to find out how to get into the 8 week program when I launch it and if you don’t need to do that, that’s also fine. 

Oh, and just in case you’re wondering I’m not going to start badgering and pressuring you to buy more from me if you decide to do this program.  I want to work with people who are committed to transformation and want to work with me. 

So with all that said, this is a limited offer. 

If you’ve decided that you’re ‘in’ click the button below and reserve your spot today. 

You won’t regret it!

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