Reset your Body; Transform your Life!


  • Are you tired of all the conflicting nutrition information our there telling you what you should and shouldn't eat?
  • Would you love more health and high vitality without having to follow a restrictive, punishing diet for months?
  • Would you love to get off the yo-yo weight gain and loss treadmill once a for all?
  • Would you love to learn how to switch from external to internal nutrition to declutter your body, mind and emotions so you can feel revitalised and renewed?
  • Would you love to learn how to connect deeply to your body and learn how to eat according to the guidance of your intuition?
  • Would you love to gain insights into why you sabotage your health and how to change your habits sustainably.  

If you'd like to learn how you can move beyond all the 'shoulds, musts and needs' with which the diet and health industry indoctrinates us while improving your health and vitality and increasing your mental, emotional and physical resilience then sign up for this master class series today!




Here's what we will be covering in the three days:  

Day one:  Busting the nutrition myths out there aka 'Why Diets Don't Work!'

  • There is no 'once size fits all'
  • In the long term dieting just makes you fat
  • The energetics behind eating
  • Food and self love
  • You can follow your own diet and be in the best shape of your life!

Day two:  Fasting - The fact, fiction and fads.

  • There's more to fasting than 16 hour overnight fasts
  • What really happens when we fast
  • Why fasting can reconnect you to yourself
  • What fasting an teach you about yourself, your relationships, intimacy and connection

Day three:  Intuitive eating - what is it really and how do we get to do it!

  • What is intuitive eating?
  • How do you design your own diet?
  • Why you won't just live on junk food is you practice intuitive eating. 
  • How knowing yourself is essential for intuitive eating
  • The choices we make and how they create our reality

When:  Monday 22 March 2021 @18h00

             Tuesday 23 March 2021 @18h00

             Wednesday 24 March 2021 @18h00


Where:  Zoom

Register by clicking the link and you'll receive an e mail with login details.  


I'm looking forward to helping you reset your body and learn to appreciate it for the sacred vessel that it is.