The Nutrition Myth Workshop

The Nutrition Myth Workshop 

Come and join me in Cape Town for a one day workshop to debunk some nutrition and life-style myths.

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  • Venue:  Wellness4Living, Woodstock, Cape Town
  • Time:  08h30-16h30
  • Cost:  R950
  • Banking details: The Firebrand, FNB Gardens, Account number:  62566015147
  • RSVP: Anel 0732217507

See page below flyer for more details on the workshop content.

The Nutrition Myth CT Updated Flyer

The Nutrition Myth Workshop will give you a profound appreciation of the wonder of your physical body, help you reconnect with yourself and allow you to take your power back from every fad diet and health guru out there.
In ‘The Nutrition Myth’ I cover the following:
Nutrition Myth #1  There’s one perfect way of eating out there.  
There is a no ‘one size fits all diet’.    There are a few fundamental principles that can be applied to all nutrition plans but nutrition is an individual as we are.
In this first section I discuss digestion as well as the organ energetics – as outlined in oriental medicine – behind the physical functions of the organs.  In other words I explore the energies and attitudes associated with the digestive organs and show how they affect our perceptions and emotions as well as our physical bodies.
Nutrition Myth # 2- Nutrition is the most important part of health
Optimal health and vitality is so much more than nutrition.  It includes:  hydrations, movement, sleep, stress management, connection to others, perception and finding meaning in life.
In this section of the workshop I examine each of the other ‘limbs’ of health as well as give participants techniques to help them optimise these areas.
The third and final section is the workshop deals with what I call:
A New Model of Nutrition – Guidelines for taking your power back.
 1.  Nutrigenomics
Tailoring nutritional and supplemental plans directly to the genetic blueprint of the individual.  This is done by doing a genetic screen and then matching the diet and supplements to that.
2.  Learning to Eat What’s Right for You
 In this section I discuss guidelines and techniques that don’t involve particular foods per se but rather teach each participant to get in touch with his/her own inner voice.  Learning how to identify real physical hunger, what foods one truly feels like and how they make one feel once ingested, eating mindfully and slowly, learning how to recognise satiety signals and honouring the body by paying attention to it.
I discuss how incorporating feminine principles of being receptive to the quiet signal from the body can help make us our own experts regarding health.
3.  Improving Digestive Fire by Identifying and Connecting to What Brings Meaning and Purpose
The ‘fire in our bellies’ drive our digestion or food and of life.  Identifying with and honouring this part is essential for optimal health and wellness.
I offer techniques to help connect with the all important part of ourselves that makes us aware that we matter and that our lives have meaning.  I help people see their physical bodies as a way to connect with their Divine nature.