Dieting Makes You Fat!

Tired of playing the yo-yo dieting game?

Research shows that more than ninety per cent of people who attempt to lose weight by dieting fail. Every time you ‘fail’ at losing weight, it diminishes your self-esteem and enhances the belief that you will never lose weight.

Food deprivation causes symptoms of irritability, obsessive behaviour with regards to food and a loss of endurance

A study of the effectiveness of dieting done at UCLA in 2007 showed that one of the best predictions of weight gain was having lost weight on a diet at some point during the years before the study started.

Among those who were followed for fewer than two years, eighty -three percent gained back more weight than they had lost. Another study found that people who went on diets were worse off than people who didn’t. Failing is an integral part of the dieting game. There is no way to play it and win.

So the best way to get your body to want to be fatter is to go on a diet!

If you were ill and the doctor suggested a cure that would make you worse, would you still follow it? Of course you wouldn’t so why do we allow ourselves to be brainwashed by the diet industry?

Dieting is the number one physical stress that leads to weight gain.   The stress of forcing yourself to eat less and denying yourself the foods that you’re craving causes hormonal and chemical changes in your body. These changes activate parts of your brain that puts the body into fat conservation mode.

When you diet, the number one message that your brain gets is, ‘There’s not enough food’. The body then transforms every spare calorie into fat because there’s no guarantee that there’s going to be a continuous supply of food.

Join me on a journey to free yourself from the tyranny of having food as an enemy and discover the secrets to your Ultimate Weight