The Villain is Essential in Every Great Story – Embrace Yours

Every great story from fairy tales to epics like Star Wars has a villain.

Can you imagine how blah stories would be if there were only ‘good guys’ in them?


If we use a story as a metaphor for the Self then it stands to reason that both the hero and villain are an intrinsic part of the ‘story’ or Self.

Why then when do so many us fail to recognize that we need both hero and villain to be integrated in order for us to be authentic?

Instead we embrace only the hero and vilify the villain – that’s if we even accept that the villain exists.

We all know that within us lie traits that are considered less than desirable – avarice, jealousy, envy – pile on whatever ‘deadly sin’ you’d like here.

The problem that many of us have is ‘knowing’ never extends beyond a vague intellectual acknowledgement. We certainly never embrace these qualities or make any effort to connect with them. Most of us prefer to stay in our delusion which is that despite that we know and accept that all humans have all traits, we’re of an advanced enough level of consciousness to not have to worry about the messy ones.  In fact we believe we’ve transcended them.

This is not spiritual or personal growth but rather avoidance.

Without the villain to provide contrast, we wouldn’t be able to appreciate the hero and vice versa.

Many of us want to be our most authentic selves but we live in the delusion that being authentic means having and exhibiting only what we consider to be positive or desirable traits. We think we’ll be ‘Zen like’ and wise; always peaceful, always kind.

When this happens our desire is to be ‘good’ in whatever way we define ‘good’ rather than authentic.

Part of the vulnerability of being authentic is that we embrace and are not afraid to show, the parts we judge as ‘bad’ just as much as the parts we judge as good. We realize that all humans have all traits.

When you can embrace both the hero and villain in yourself, it becomes possible to embrace them in others.

Acceptance, compassion and unconditional love begin with you.