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I don’t profess to know the meaning of life but I believe that each of us has a unique purpose and that part of that purpose is to live life to the max.

This is difficult to do when we’re being ‘held back’ by a lack of energy, physical pain, excess weight, poor nutrition habits and other life-style factors.

The keys to good health are hardly rocket science: Avoid processed foods, eat whole foods including lots of veggies (8-10 portions daily), drink at least two litres of good quality water daily, spend some time in the sun, sleep at least seven hours a night, move our bodies (exercise) daily and control stress.

Easy in theory yet many of us find it hard or even impossible to do.

My mission and purpose is to give you practical solutions to take the ‘pain’ you may be experiencing trying to live a healthy life-style, away (or at least reduce it substantially). When you do this you increase your energy and get a zest for life.

I’ve spent more than twenty years working with patients and during that time my insatiable curiosity about the wonders of how the physical body works and more importantly, can restore itself to health, has led me down many, varied paths of study from nutrition, exercise and genetics to the mind-body connection and energy healing techniques.

Integrating aspects of all that I’ve studied as well as my experience working with individuals and groups, I have put together a number of programs to help people improve their health and life-styles and experience the joy of having a healthy, vital body with loads of energy to live life fully.

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What do I believe about Health?

 I believe that we all have the prefect body to fulfill our life mission or purpose. So even though we may be too fat or too thin or hate our thighs or the fact that we suffer from symptom x or y, everything about our body serves as valuable feedback to us, if we’d only listen.

I also believe that the more you do what you love rather than do what you think is expected of you, the more likely you are to have a balanced functioning in your physiology and good health and vitality.

Signs and symptoms can be feedback to let you know where you aren’t being true to who you really are.

When you are authentic – true to who you really are – you give all the people whose lives you touch permission to be who they really are. It’s a gift you give yourself and others so it’s not intrinsically selfish as many people think.

We all want to be loved for who we really are, not for who we try to be in order to please others. Signs and symptoms can serve as reminders of where we’re not being true to ourselves. When we discover where this is happening we can find different ways of being and allow the body to heal.

In order to live a full and joyful life it’s important to feed ourselves well physically (nutrition matters), mentally (what we allow into our minds matters), emotionally (acknowledging feelings matter) and spiritually (we are all spiritual being having a physical experience).

When we start a business we don’t only focus on one part of the business plan and then expect to be wildly successful. To have a successful business all aspects such as administration, service delivery, cash flow, human resources etc. need to be integrated. Yet we think that if we nourish only our spirit and neglect our body or vice versa, we will be healthy. It doesn’t work that way.

The better you take care of all the areas, the higher your vitality will be. This then allows you to pursue your dreams fully, whatever those may be.

What do I love?

  • I love learning about how things work in the universe and how that translates to the body.
  • I love the feeling of being in my body and being able to move it freely.
  • I love that I have the perfect body to fulfill my life purpose.
  • I love surfing – if the waves aren’t too big and scary.
  • I love pushing myself further than I think I’m capable of going and then finding out I was wrong about my limits.
  • I love speaking to people about what they think about life, finding out what they love and helping them do that very thing.  WS Image 4
  • I love spending time talking to my beautiful teenage daughter and getting her perspective on life. She often leaves me in awe.
  • I love sharing my latest interest with my long suffering husband who listen to me patiently and encourages me to follow my dreams.
  • I love the endorphin rush after a good exercise session and the feeing of fatigue that hits about half an hour after a workout that lets you know you worked your body.
  • I love lying on the grass, feeling the steadiness of the earth sustaining and supporting my body.
  • I love making the connection between my body and my soul and appreciating how my body is the ‘earth’ of my being – supporting and sustaining.
  • I love laughing with good friends about how little we know despite how clever we think we are.
  • I love listening to music that suits my mood.
  • I love the idea that I can be, do and have anything I want as long as I get myself out of the way (this one is still a very much a work in progress).
  • I love finding ways to nourish and sustain my self in body, mind and spirit


  • M. Tech Hom
  • Lavier Acupuncture Certification
  • Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner Certification
  • Trained Demartini Method Facilitator
  • Certified N.A.E.T Practitioner
  • Certified Human Pincode Practitioner


  • Winner Professional Division: South African Regional Business Woman of the Year 2007