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The Secrets of Slim People

People who seem to be ‘naturally slim’ have certain common patterns of behavior when it comes to food. They may not strictly adhere to all four of them all the time, but practice them most of the time.


  • Eat only when they’re physically hungry.

 They don’t use food as a comfort when they’re stressed tired or upset but listen to the genuine hunger signals that signify physical hunger.

  • They tend to eat only what they feel like eating.

 They don’t eat merely because the food is available. By eating what they want to eat, they experience the taste of the food and eat it with enjoyment. Naturally slim people seldom restrict themselves when they feel like eating something specific.

Because they do this, they don’t have to overeat the food because they can have it whenever they are physically hunger and have a desire for that particular food.

  • They eat only until they  feel physically satisfied or until their hunger has diminished.

Naturally slim’ people seldom overeat. That is; eat until they feel uncomfortably full.

  • They eat slowly – chewing food thoroughly and appreciating every bite.

Naturally slim people seldom wolf down their food.

On the face of it the above rules seem to be quite simple. If applying them were simple, there wouldn’t be any of us struggling with our weight!

“All problems originate from inside not outside – they originate in the non-physical world and manifest in the physical world.”

                                                                        Bob Proctor

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